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Outreach Activities


In addition to their wide variety of repertoire, Chinook Winds has several outreach programs they will tailor to fit the needs of your community. The quintet offers these programs and more to enrich young minds and inspire the next generation of music lovers!


The Science of Music

Have you ever wondered what sound waves might look like, or how the sounds of different instruments blend together? In this show, the Chinook Winds explore the "hows" and "whys" of the science behind music in fun and goofy ways. This program is accessible to all ages in grades K-12.


Story Time!

An interactive story-based program, the Chinook Winds perform a wide-variety of music to which students create stories inspired by what they hear. Students participate by creating characters, locations, and a plot set to music in this fun and entertaining show. Adaptable program (30-50 minutes) to all ages K-12.

Chamber Fun 101

A presentation for families that introduces the wind quintet, how each instrument works, and great composers throughout history. This program is geared toward very young audience members ages 1 through 6.


Music is Everywhere!

Music is all around us—it’s there when we play sports or games, when we’re in the car, when we watch our favorite shows, and more! Learn about how playing music in a chamber ensemble like the Chinook Winds is similar to being part of a sports team and discover how music was everywhere in centuries past, even when we did not have recordings or iPods or radio! This program is adaptable to all ages in grades K-12.


Music is a Journey

The Chinook Winds take young audiences to outer space and on a time traveling adventure with music from favorite Sci-Fi films and different genres. This program is adaptable to all ages in grades K-12.

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