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Technical Rider


The Chinook Winds require a warm-up space and a sound-check on the stage prior to the performance with seating and lighting adequate for the engagement. The sound-check and warm-up period may be combined into one event. These sessions should be scheduled for the day of the performance at least 2.5 hours prior to the concert start time.



Wind instruments are sensitive to temperature. The performance space must be heated between 68-85 ˚F with minimal wind drafts. Please be aware musicians are not required to play if temperature requirements cannot be met.  Please ensure the temperature can be controlled in the space you plan to use.

Stage set-up requires 5 music stands and 5 straight-back chairs (without arms) set in an arc in the center and front of the stage. For certain programs, Chinook Winds may opt to stand instead of using chairs. For large-capacity venues, it may be necessary to provide 2 vocal microphones so the musicians may address the audience. Adequate lighting is required for reading music. Stand lights are acceptable.



The Chinook Winds typically do not require amplification or any sound equipment. If a sound shell is available at the venue, it is highly preferred. If larger venues necessitate amplification, it is the presenter’s responsibility to provide, set-up, and run the equipment.



Recording is not permitted without the prior permission of Association and Artists.



Please provide drinking water backstage for all 5 musicians. Coffee, tea, and snacks are not necessary but greatly appreciated!

Hospitality Rider

TRANSPORTATION (if necessary)

If travel by plane is necessary, all 5 Chinook Winds musicians will need to bring their instruments as carry-on items and they will need to be able to check their luggage. If it is necessary for the Chinook Winds to travel by rental car, any of the 5 musicians may drive. They may ride together in 1 or 2 vehicles with enough space for 5 people, all instruments, and luggage.


LODGING (if necessary)

The Chinook Winds will need accommodations for 5 people. Hotels or homestays are acceptable. The quintet members are amenable to sharing hotel rooms with two beds. There are two female musicians and three male musicians. The three male musicians may be split into two hotel rooms: two rooms, each equipped with two beds.

MEALS (if necessary)

Meals and drinking water should be provided to the 5 musicians during the engagement. The following quintet members have dietary restrictions:

  • Norman Menzales: allergic to pine nuts and red meat

Some quintet members prefer to have healthy options (e.g. salad, fruit, or vegetable dishes). The Chinook Winds enjoy experiencing local flavor when they travel, so if there is a specialty or favorite restaurant in your town or city, that may be considered as well.

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