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The Great Falls Symphony CORE

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The Chinook Winds is one of two resident professional chamber ensembles within the Great Falls Symphony.

The Cascade Quartet is the quintet's peer group within the organization and both groups collaborate on chamber music performances and perform together frequently throughout the Great Falls Symphony season and on its Chamber Music Series.

Members of the Cascade Quartet and Chinook Winds are appropriately referred to as the Great Falls Symphony’s “Core Musicians.” They form the core of the Symphony’s orchestra as section leaders and serve as the Symphony’s ambassadors, reaching out to diverse populations and far flung places throughout the region with their touring and outreach.

Each member of the Symphony’s resident ensembles comes to Great Falls with a story. None of them grew up here; all come from different parts of the country with different backgrounds and experiences, each with advanced degrees in performance on their instruments. But each person has taken their passion for music and followed it here: to play music under Montana’s Big Sky.

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